Insomnia: End it and Sleep well

Who is affected? One in four Brazilians - of all ages - but is most common in women. Should I take medicine? Yes, if you can rarely sleep well. But never automedique: Taking the wrong medicine may worsen the problem. 
How I treat myself? 
The doctor should do a polysomnography test performed in a device that monitors the patient's sleep. Then maybe he suggest changes in their daily lives. Having a healthy diet, to exercise and maintain a routine for sleeping and waking are fundamental. What to do to sleep well 
1 Establish a fixed time to sleep and wake. 
2 Avoid turning on the TV after 22h. Read magazines or books is a good option. 
3 Have the right mattress for your weight and height. 
Only 4 lie when sleepy. If you can not fall asleep after half an hour, get up and get distracted with some quiet activity. 
5 Have some blue object in the room. The color and gives relaxing sleep. To take that nap ... Highlight of Raw Milk with cinnamon, before going to bed, it's great to relax 
Preparation - Take a glass of milk with cinnamon before bed. The drink contains a substance that relaxes. - Avoid heavy dinners. - Breads, rice, pasta and other foods with carbohydrates releases insulin and accelerate your metabolism. Flee from them. 
Relaxation - Tense and relax all muscles from the feet to your face. - Massage your scalp. Try to visualize a very beautiful landscape. - Keep paper and pen on the nightstand to write down what That sleep is one of life's greatest pleasures, we all know. 
Power up late without worrying about time is a delight, but for most that is only possible in rare days off. However, sleep well does not necessarily mean indulge themselves to sleep or stop doing the tasks to succumb to laziness, but keep a good sleep routine to face the stressful day to day. 
Besides the pleasure, science proves that sleep well only brings benefits to your health and well-being - what is true for people of all ages, from children to elders. A good night's sleep has to do with living longer, according to a study by the University of Warwick and the University Federico II, Italy. 
According to the researchers, people who sleep less than six hours or more than eight a day have 12% more chance of dying. With impaired sleep quality, grow rich accidents, due to the drowsiness, and heart attacks due to stress