The loss of a sleepless night

Have you noticed, of course, that a sleepless night causes significant damage to appearance. Pale and haggard face, deep purple and dark circles, large pores ... All of this comes at a face, for more makeup you are, can not hide the signs of a sleepless night. Many people raise with small little eyes, surrounded by bags of puffiness and drooping eyelids, as if they had enjoyed a night of "those"! 
Eruptions of pimples can also appear, especially in younger, alongside an uncomfortable oiliness to. For those who have the most mature or sensitive, burning sensation and intense skin dryness can occur on the face. All because, when we do not sleep well, fail to eliminate toxins, products, fruits of our daily metabolism, need to be discarded at the end of the day. 
Moreover, the lack of overhead break commands rapidly secrete our body corticosteroid hormones, such as ACTH. On the one hand, if the substance causes one can bear the burden of fatigue, on the other, she has visible side effects arising from increased metabolism of certain glands. Thus, ACTH increases the production of sebaceous glands in our oil, requires our retention and causes the collagen fibers of our skin begin to be consumed by our organism. 
Christian Benedict explains: "After a full night of sleep loss, these males showed a high level of activation in an area of the brain that is involved in desire to eat Bearing in mind that insufficient sleep is a growing problem in modern society. , our results may explain why poor sleep habits can affect people's risk to gain weight in the long term. Consequently, it may be important to sleep about eight hours of sleep every night to maintain a stable and healthy body weight ".