Product With Russian Technology, Japanese and German adapted to the Western biotype.

Have a better quality of life, where the first step is certainly your well-being at the time of sleep comfortably. Contact us and take better care of their health.

  1 - Magnetic Field.

  2 - Infrared Long.

  3 - Vibratory massage.

  4 - Vertebral Column.

  5 - Benefits of Sleep.

  6 - Acarus Free 100%.


The Original Mag came to revolutionize your life and improve the quality of your sleep with a single technological product.

The ORIGINAL MAG today occupies a prominent place among the largest mattress manufacturers, the high level of workmanship in their products, always seeking the best quality for the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

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What People Say...

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Washington - Framingham, MA.

“ Pensei que nunca mais teria uma noite de sono 100% bem dormida. O colchão da Original Mag me trouxe o prazer de dormir bem novamente. Muito Obrigada! ”

Silvia Cardoso - Framingham, MA.

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Ana Maria Sanches - Malden, MA.